Slow Down with the effects of music

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Local Venues Map

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Podcast Post

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Bang Bang Boom

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  • This is a local Gainesville rock band.  They recently performed at the Orange and Brew venue.  They already have fans around town.  Their music and songs are very unique and played very well.  The members definetly know there “stuff” and how to get the crowd moving and engaged.
  • The members of the group are very friendly and talented.  They practice in their own home studio before every show. 

Band Members:

Darren Andrews-lead singer/ rhythem guitar

Chris Chairs-drummer

Travis Martin-bass

Lem Andrews-tamborine/ vocals

Ryan George-lead guitar

Orange and Brew

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  • This is a local venue on the University of Florida campus. It is located directly across from the Taco Bell in the Reitz Union. During the day, you can grab a quick bite to eat or a cold drink.  They accept Declining Balance with your Gator One I.D. Card or any other form of payment.
  • At night, the venue takes on a whole new atmosphere and crowd.  For the most part, local bands come to play a few of their songs.  Many of them benefit by this because they gain fans and get their music out to new listeners to hear. 
  • There is a dance floor and side-boothes for guests to watch the bands any way they want.  Some people choose to dance around and stand while others enjoy sitting with a group of friends at a table.
  • The bands do not get paid to perform at this venue.  Students and guests around campus are welcome to come and enjoy the night’s entertainment for free.  Doors are open to the public.

Backstage Lounge Schedule

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1315 S Main St
Gainesville, FL 32601-7909
(352) 378-9185

The upcoming show schedule (band, date, location, time):

Oct 2 2009 10:00P
FRI..Clayton Bush, Matt Collins, Travis McLeod
Oct 3 2009 9:00P
SAT.. South Of Georgia, Come and Go With Us, Shane Wooten Band
Oct 4 2009 7:00P
Oct 6 2009 8:00P
TUES..K A R A O K E night
Oct 7 2009 9:00P
WED..Cool Kid Collective, Copperview, Sweet Serena
Oct 8 2009 9:00P
THURS..The Incredible Sandwich, Sleep Is The Enemy, tba
Oct 9 2009 10:00P
FRI..FUNKS INC, iamMessanger, C Scott & Munkeez Strikin Matches
Oct 10 2009 10:00P
SAT..Long Strange Day, Toy Grenades, Kill Clouseau
Oct 11 2009 7:00P

1982 Venue

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1982This Week:

Sep 18 2009 9:00P
VINCENT VALENTINE, Trumpswig, Andrea Friedlander
Sep 19 2009 8:00P
ROCK FOR HEALTH BENEFIT: Victory BLVD, Neighborhood Watch, Eric Throne + more
Sep 20 2009 7:00P
Love Always, The Collapse, The Armory
Sep 21 2009 8:00P
GLORY DAYS PRESENTS: US ROYALTY, Queen of Spain, + more tba
Sep 22 2009 8:00P
GD: John Ralston, Mike Dunn, Paint Me Irrational, Ricky Kendall, Kyle Frazier
Sep 23 2009 8:00P
GLORY DAYS PRESENTS: Say When, Allie Wetzel Band, Jeff & Sacha, + more TBA
Sep 24 2009 8:00P
GD:Matt Kurz One, The Abortionists, Hey Buddy, Waylon Thornton & The Heavy Hands
Sep 25 2009 8:00P
Sep 26 2009 8:00P
GD: Mannequin Made, Charlie Hondericks The Most, Lest She Speaks, + more TBA